Pub, Bars, Restaurants Table reservation system visitors can pre book tables in your venue prior to arrival.

Table 1 Standard

Table 1 Reservation + Food & Drinks Ordering System (Self Setup)

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  • Setup your own menus and table layouts
    (choose the full setup system if you would like us to do this for you).
  • Less than £10pw for this full comprehensive ordering system..!
  • Guests can pre-book tables online and pre-order food and drinks.
  • Order Food and Drinks to their tables, (can also do individual bills).
  • No App to download
  • Suitable for Bars, Pubs, Hotels, Restaurants & Clubs.
  • Runs alongside your current system as an extra online option.
  • View full details for a full list of the features & benefits.
  • Minimum 6 month subscription after which you can cancel at anytime


With our Table reservation system visitors can pre book tables in your venue prior to arrival.

With the mapping system you can design the layout of each room in your venue then add your tables and choose the shape of the table and then add the number of people that can sit at each table, yu can also incude as Chefs table.

When a visitor, comes to make a reservation they can choose the table that they wish to sit at and can make a booking with or with a deposit ( which could be a refundable deposit ).

Once they have choosen their table if available they can view the menu and order their food and drinks so you know in advance what provisions you will require week to week.

The system can also be used for visitors are already in the venue.

Our system is dynamic and LIVE online so there is no app to download, so people dont have to have an app for every venue that they visit.

You can purhcase the Table Reservation + Drinks and Food ordering system for the low cost monthly fee of just £90.00 +VATpm ( normal price) and an initial setup fee of £79.95+VAT for the basic setup.

If you purchase now with the 50% discount code (Lockdown) this price lasts the length of your subscription until you unsubscribe.
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With the self setup, you can simply setup the menus yourself with the help of our documentation.

This would involve adding your and uploading your own pictures/images and setting up your menus an descriptions. This would be a relatively simple task if you are familiar with using computers and software. It is not for a complete novice but most competent computer users wont have a problem with this. If you unsure please look at our full setup option.


We do not take any commission on service or orders

If you would like to arrange a demo please use the form below to register your interest.

50 lockdown

 *please note that due to demand setup times for accounts can be anywhere between 1-10 days (but are usualy same day)

There is a minimun subscription period of 6 months, however you can suspend your account at any time if you are placed in government lock down and unable to serve .Full Terms and Conditions

Setup Fee: £79.95
Duration: 1 month
Price: £79.95