Q. Do visitors have to download an app in order to place orders?

A. No, they will simply scan a QR code that you place on your tables and this takes them direct to the order page, they can then enter their table number and order and pay.

Q. We already have our own app?

A. Many customers complain about having to download an app for every pub they visit, there is no app with our system so it can be used in every venue, or why not give you customers the option of both?.

Q. Do I need my own website?

A. No, it runs on our systems but with the Enterprise Edition that comes with a webste that we design for you to make you look more professional and it is independent from our systems.

Q. Do you take a Commission on Sales

A, No

Q. If I dont like the software can I get a refund

A. If you take out the 3 month trial you can get a full refund with no questions asked if you dont wish to use it any longer.

Q. How long is the minimum subscription period

A. 6 months, after that you can cancel at anytime.

Q. What happens if we have to close due to covid-19

A. No problem you can simply request to suspend your account until your allowed to open again, you could use the time to work on your menus as you can still log in.

Q. What types of venues is your software suitable for?

A. It is ideal for pubs, restaurants, bars, micro bars, hotels, bed & breakfasts take away's and Clubs.

Q. I only have a small bar just selling drinks, is it any use to me?

A. Yes of course very much so, visitors can still reserve tables and pre-order and pay for drinks before they arrive, great for guests doing a pub crawl. As drinks are pre-paid also it means you can have them ready to serve straight to the table at their requested time. It also keeps you safe with social distancing and all you need to do is just pour and serve

Q. I have several rooms in my restaurant, how will it work for me?\

A. You can set up layouts for as many rooms as you like including beer gardens, just take a photo of your tables and upload to the system, then users can select the table they wish to reserve from the interactive map of your rooms

Q. What will be the URL to book table and order food.

A. You will have your own folder on the main website, by having all the venues on 1 website it keeps down costs for everyone and make it easier for visitors to search and find you However if you prefer you can purchase the Enterprise edition which comes with it's own domain and website designed for you.

Q. What equipment will I require.

A. You would be best with a laptop in your kitchen area but an Ipad will be suffice, staff can also carry mobile phones to view and use the system.